Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Kildonan School Review

When people enroll themselves or their children and loved ones to a school there are many considerations before the decision. They need to know what field they want to learn. Different field will influence the best school needs to choose. There are many schools which are well known for their expertise in one field and there are few which are good at all fields. The quality of school is not only about this field suitability but also the facility, curriculum, system, and lecturers there. Besides, the budget will influence people options in choosing school. These kinds of considerations are further if people who will be into school have special needs. They need special treatment and method in order to let them adapt with normal life and understanding toward the lesson.
If you want to enroll someone dyslexic, it is better to go to special school. It aims to maximize their study so they do not need to have difficulty adapt with regular school. Dyslexic people can be very talented so it is better not to waste their talent by forcing them study in regular school. The Kildonan School can be the best option. This school is for grades 2 to 12 even there is post graduate school as optional. Usually it consists of 140 students. The teaching system here is using Orton Gillingham which focuses to teach dyslexic people or the ones who have difficulties with languages. To know more about the school and how they teach, people can visit
With the Kildonan School dyslexic people will learn how to improve their hidden talents. They are not judged like what in regular school because of their difficulties in understanding the lesson. In Kildonan School there are also community activities to help students interact with society. It is the pioneer of school which develops curriculum and system to support dyslexic and specific language disabled people.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Restaurant business classified business that is very interesting and promising. Some business people even dare to mention that the restaurant business is very big profit. But of course all that should be supported by various kinds of preparation. Preparation of starting a restaurant business / other eating places, is the availability of infrastructure and facilities. Infrastructures are the things that ease the physical and non physical that supports the operation of the means or tools. While the facilities are the tools to perform certain activities.
In the restaurant business / restaurant, then that includes infrastructure is a strategic place, experts (the cook), venture capital, and business licenses, while tables and chairs, tableware, cookware, and so is the means. For that you should be able to choose a place where you get all sorts of restaurant equipment needs are genuine, complete and competitive prices. And to give Price Match on the price of competitors. That experienced in restaurant equipment and restaurant supplies is Tiger Chef, so you won't need to look anywhere else.
On the site Tiger Chef are shown in online only a fraction of the over 200,000 stock their products, as it is highly likely that they will have exactly the restaurant supplies you need. Some of the allotment of equipment including: bakery, banquet, Bar Supplies, Buffet, refrigeration and freezer, janitorial supplies and much more.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

20 PhD positions at PRO-NEST

Prostate Research Organizations- Network of Early Stage Training (PRO-NEST)

The FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network
PRO-NEST has positions available for 20 PhD students and 4 postdoctoral scientists interested in basic and translational research on prostate cancer

Check this website for all the details on PRO-NEST, including available positions, the Marie Curie criteria that applicants have to meet and instructions on how to apply for a PRO-NEST position.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Charter School Today

Charter school are elementary school or secondary education in the United States, which receive public funds, but were free of certain rules, regulations and statutes which, for other public schools in exchange for any type of responsibility for the manufacture of certain results that are in every school in the Charter.

Charter schools have the potential to enhance competition in the public education sector. In one education publication, Charter Schools could have a particularly significant impact in the labor market for teachers. This study uses data on more teachers from one of school districts to explore the impact of charter school competition on the compensation of teachers at traditional public schools. The analysis suggests that once charter enrollments reach critical mass, increasing competition from charter schools increases salaries for all but the most experienced teachers.

While charter schools, an alternative to other public schools, they are part of the public and are not entitled to free education. In case of lack of space on a charter school is limited; admission is often the permissions on the basis of lottery. Some charter school teachers, parents, or activists, by the traditional public schools. In addition, schools may allow companies to open channels of benefit of the Charter for the schools.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Postdoctoral positions in computational materials science - USA

Multiple Post Doctoral/Research Associate positions at DUKE (Curtarolo) Computational Materials Science Group

Dear Colleagues,

Please circulate the following ad.

Post Doctoral and/or Research associate positions in the DUKE Computational Materials Science Group/Research Areas :
1) phase stability of nano-catalysts
2) alloy theory with high-throughput methods
3) materials for nuclear detection
4) quasicrystalline surface science see relevant publications

DUKE Curtarolo`s Computational Materials Science Group is seeking for multiple post-doctoral positions in the aforementioned areas. Appointments will be decided in the next few months and the start dates will be within summer-fall 2009. The positions are made initially for one year, and renewable upon mutual consent on a yearly basis based on research quality and productivity of the employee.

Applicants are expected to have strong background in
A) thermodynamic of materials
B) solid state theory
C) computation: skill in UNIX/C/C++ are mandatory since the associates will be contribute to the "aflow" project.

Interested candidates should send now their curriculum vitae, list of
publications (including available preprints), and the list of 2-3 possible references. Please send only PDF documents.

DUKE is an equal opportunity employer and committed to diversity. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Prof. Stefano Curtarolo
PhD from MIT

Duke University, Durham NC, USA
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
stefano.curtarolo[ at]

Dear applicants, please be patient, I am collecting a number of applications and I will go through all of them during April.
Every application will be evaluated.

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Internship Research Positions in Environmental Water and Water Waves at LabMath-Indonesia

LabMath-Indonesia is an independent research institute. We work together with various universities in Indonesia and abroad. This is shown in our activities:

We regularly organize so-called Research Work Shops where students (S1,S2 and S3) and staff from universities, governmental institutions and companies, are introduced into a specific topic. After one week of courses and small assignments, the second week is dedicated to execute more extensive projects that usually are closely related to current research. As an example, in the past year we organized RWS on Tsunami
Modelling and Simulations (January 2009), Financial Engineering (August 2008) and Integrated Water Resource Management (Jan 2008). Our research activities are supported by external sources: international research projects, projects from large , and from Indonesia.

In the coming years we want to focus our activities to problems from nature and environmental sciences. Especially about problems that are of direct relevance for Indonesia: effects of Climate Change on the coastal area (high waves, endangering the coast and ships and offshore structures) and on the (rain) water availability for agriculture and human consumption.

This year we have national and international symposia on these topics. For the preparation of new research contributions, and for the running research projects, we can use the help of good students and graduates.

While working with you on interesting topics, you are developing your skills; besides that, if needed, we support you to improve your English. If you want, we can advise about studying abroad. (For instance, LMI hosts the Info & Support Office of the University of Twente.)

Below we indicate some topics for which we look for your interest to contribute to our research.

Almost half of the rain falling on the ground is evaporated or transpirated by plants. BMKG, the Indonesian Institute for Meteorology, Climate and GeoScience, wants to be able to predict the ET. For that aim we want to make a model based on rainfall, soil properties, and weather conditions, in particular the wind. We will use satellite data to improve the predictive models that we make.
Two students from the university of Twente visiting LMI will also work on this topic, so that a close collaboration can lead to substantial results in a recently granted KNAW-mobility Project.

We want to use new codes that have been developed at LMI to simulate waves in a harbour to predict the maximal wave heights and investigate undesired resonant motions. A realistic Indonesian harbour is taken as test case. This project is in collaboration with UGM.

Climate change will lead to stronger winds and therefore to higher waves. Wave prediction in the coastal area is important for coastal safety measures. This project is aimed to contribute to the development of a complete simulation environment for coastal waves.

We have various problems that are directly or indirectly related to ship design and safety of sea transport.

The internships are executed at LabMath-Indonesia, Jl. Anatomi 19, Bandung.
Including a one-month probation period, the positions are for a period of 3 months with the possibility of prolongation. During the execution you will get valuable experience in mathematical modelling and will work in a stimulating environment. The monthly allowance will depend on qualifications and performance.The internships are planned to start not later than 1 May 2009.

Candidates should be eager to be involved in this research and learn many new topics and ideas. They should have good knowledge of calculus/ analysis including ordinary and partial differential equations, and be experienced in programming, for instance in Matlab.
Students or graduates with good grades in S1 or S2 from mathematics, physics, oceanography, geosciences, engineering etc can profit very much from this research experience. A sound scientific attitude (critical, inventive and independent) should be accompanied by a strong motivation and disciplined work attitude.

Candidates should send an updated CV, a copy of last degree and academic record, proof of English proficiency and letter of motivation before 15 April 2009 by email to:
Dr. A. Sopaheluwakan e-mail: ardhasena[at] with
cc to Prof. Brenny van Groesen, e-mail:

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant is one of the health workers who work in the world who perform administrative and clinical tasks, so that the offices of doctors, podiatrists, chiropractors and other health professionals smoothly, it is necessary to create a more robust statement, most employers prefer graduates, who is a graduate of an accredited Medical Assistance Program . Proposed in higher vocational schools, colleges and universities and colleges. Post Secondary typically a year or less, resulting in a certificate or diploma or associate with a two-year degrees. Name license for medical assistant, but some states require a test or courses before they can carry out certain work tasks, such as x-rays. Employers prefer to hire experienced staff and more candidates who pass the national exams, noting that corresponds to nurse a certain level of skill.

Many schools in the world for medical assistant certificate, but it differs from other schools, these schools are using the Internet as a medium for students to learn, the school line: Yes, it makes the school nurse with a certificate of its kind in most other schools, if you take participated in this school you can from 6.8 a week ... Loss whole, this time paramedic. Schools you can to prepare for the completion of the study because of a simple and practical, so you can get better, and you can program. The school is accredited, affordable and accessible certification program instead of their own classrooms and at any time in the world, that is my first time on the network this school is very heavy and cheaper to obtain a medical certificate medical weight and design of qualified medical professionals.

If you have a paramedic who you are, professionals working with doctors, hospitals, clinics and other medical services, in addition to the school also offers a paramedic program pharmacy technician program, Assistant arrival science and nursing assistant programs and other programs, health care -- care for primary health care aide programs and courses. If you are interested in this school you have to register online, you can simply enter their data (name and your e-mail address) in the form of online schools offer it, and you can pay using Google Checkout payment service, you can register for a medical assistant program with a credit card or check.

Schools that provide these services? St. Augustine, is the Medical Assistant School, which provides online university medical education, a lot of advantages if you want, along with the school, so you can be a paramedic with easy to learn, easy to learn, simple and easy to pay.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Seminar Nasional Aktuaria 2008 (Yogyakarta)

Program Pascasarjana Matematika minat Aktuaria UGM dan Jurusan
Matematika FMIPA Universitas Gadjah Mada menyelenggarakan:


Tema: /Actuarial Techniques in Health Insurance and Pension Plan**/

Hari, tanggal: Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2008

Waktu: 08.00 -- 15.00 WIB

Tempat: Ruang auditorium (A106-A107) FMIPA UGM Yogyakarta


1. Rianto A Djojosugito, FSAI, Ph.D. (Ketua Persatuan Aktuaris
Indonesia, Direktur Alianz Life Indonesia)

Subtema: /Be an actuary, statistician, or mathematician? !/

2. Adhitya Ronnie Effendie, M.Sc. (Dosen minat aktuaria UGM)

Subtema: /Pricing Health Insurance Product/

3. Didi Achdijat

Subtema: /The analysis of pension plan in Indonesia/.

*Target Peserta: *

Akademisi (mahasiswa, dosen, peneliti) secara umum, khususnya mahasiswa
matematika, statistika, dan teknik, karyawan asuransi dan dana pensiun,
konsultan aktuaria, dll

Kontribusi Peserta:

Mahasiswa S1: Rp. 75.000,00

Mahasiswa S2: Rp. 100.000,00

Umum: Rp. 150.000,00

*Tempat Pendaftaran: *

Program Pascasarjana Matematika UGM

Gedung Student Internet Center (SIC) Lantai 2 FMIPA UGM

Sekip Utara Kotak Pos: BLS 21 Yogyakarta 55281

Informasi dan pendaftaran hub: Agung (08122720526) , Yunita
(085232337665) , Putri (08193115443)

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